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ReferencesBelow are documents and web links. This page updates frequently; please visit it often. Some of these documents require a PDF reader. A free PDF viewer is available here.Current City of Long Beach Shoreline Master Program  Washington State Shoreline Management Act Documents The Shoreline Management Act, Chapter 90.58 Revised Code of Washington Shoreline Master Program Guidelines, Chapter 173-26 Washington Administrative Code The SMP Handbook, Washington Department of Ecology, detailed assistance to local governments on complying with the SMA and the SMP Guidelines.Public Participation Public Participation Plan, Shoreline Mater Program Update, City of Long Beach (November 2013)Property Rights Information See the “Property Issues” section at the Ecology FAQs web page: Frequently Asked Questions about the SMA and SMPs Useful Links City of Long Beach GIS system: View recent and historic aerial photographs of the city on an interactive map. This site allows you to search, measure areas and distances, add/remove numerous data layers, and view parcel property and tax data.Washington State Coastal Atlas : View numerous data layers in 15 categories superimposed on your choice of one of 6 base maps. A fascinating and detailed interactive tool.Washington State Geologic Information Portal: View maps regarding geology, seismic scenarios, natural hazards, tsunamis, subsurface geological conditions, more.