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This is your shoreline, and your thoughts about how it ought to be managed should and will be heard. So don’t hesitate to get engaged and participate in the SMP update process. You can take part in updating the Long Beach SMP in many ways. Some of the main ways to participate in the SMP are as follow: • Read this website to stay on top of SMP update news • Get on the SMP email list to receive notices about participation opportunities by clicking here • Attend meetings and Planning Commission workshops • Provide comments on draft reports and documents • Send us your comments and questions by clicking hereThe Public Participation Plan describes how the City plans to engage the public during the SMP update process, including a timeline of major opportunities for involvement. This plan is a living document, and can be expected to be modified over time. You can find a copy of the Public Participation Plan by following the Documents link.Because the SMP is not expected to be complete until mid-2016, there is still plenty of time to participate in the process. The City has already developed an extensive inventory of shoreline information, and we have used this inventory to facilitate discussion with citizens, who helped us by commenting on the contents of the inventory and by giving us their thoughts on how the shoreline should be managed.Public participation is a continuous process and we value your input, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with input at any time via the e-mail links above, or via the Contacts link, above.

Currently, the City is seeking your input on the Second Draft Shoreline Master Program. The city drafted, and the public reviewed and commented on, a Draft SMP. The city revised that document, and it was then reviewed and commented on by Ecology. The city further revised the document, and produced the Second Draft SMP, which presents a shoreline land classification system similar to zoning, and like a comprehensive plan, includes goals, implementing strategies, and regulations intended to achieve shoreline environmental protection, improved shoreline access, and regulate reasonable shoreline development.  It is a blueprint for how your shoreline will be looked after for the next 20 years, so your input is important.Please mail your comments NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 1, 2015 to:City of Long Beach SMP Update PO Box 310 Long Beach, WA 98631or to: planner@longbeachwa.govIt is your shoreline, and we look forward to hearing what you think about it!