June - September| Fridays 12 - 5 PM Downtown Long Beach

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Mallory Cox

Market Manager

What's it all about?

The Columbia-Pacific region is located where the mighty Columbia River crashes into the Pacific Ocean. It is a region of spectacular wholesome foods, plucked straight from the land or the water and ready for the consumer. The Columbia-Pacific Farmers’ Market is an idea that has bubbled up in the community to have a place where the good food and farm crafts of the region can be bought directly from those who farm, ranch, fish, grow, produce packaged foods, or create farm-based crafts here.It is a market dedicated to supporting our working food producers and artisan crafters honoring their way of life, celebrating our unparalleled food, and getting together as a community to have fun.The market operates in downtown Long Beach June through September on Friday afternoons / early evenings, 12 pm to 5 pm. At the market, you talk with food purveyors while you purchase your week’s produce, seafood, meat, eggs and dairy, locally-made baked goods, regionally-made packaged foods, flowers and plants, on-site prepared foods, and artisan crafts. You can sit and listen to music or other entertainment, beat your friend at checkers, chat and dance with your neighbor, watch someone cook, or learn about a community non-profit organization. Later that evening, you could take in a Feast at one of several local restaurants, where you will eat foods from the market and learn what it is like to farm, fish, or ranch from those who do so. And you can always shop in downtown Long Beach. There isn’t a better way to start your weekend at the beach!top of page

Our vision and mission statements, and core values.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Columbia-Pacific Farmers’ Market is to link regional farmers, fishers, growers, and producers with consumers, putting fresh, wholesome, regionally sourced foods in the hands of those who most need and desire them, thereby strengthening our citizens and visitors, our working food producers, our environment, our economy, and our community overall.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Columbia-Pacific Farmers’ Market is to strengthen the health of our citizens and visitors; increase sales of our regional food producers and local businesses; improve the environment; and build community. We will accomplish this mission by providing a marketplace where farmers, fishers, growers, and producers will directly sell their fresh, regionally-sourced goods to consumers; and where community members can come together on a regular basis in a pleasant, safe, and festive atmosphere.

Core Values

The core values of the Columbia-Pacific Farmers’ Market are as follows:
  1. We support regional farmers, fishers, growers, and producers by facilitating direct links to wholesale and retail purchasers of their goods.
  2. We support farmers, fishers, growers, and producers by providing land, guidance, financing, and infrastructure for a weekly farmers’ market.
  3. We support the environment, the economy, and human health by reducing the distance between the source of food and the consumer of that food.
  4. We build community by providing a regular meeting place for our citizens and visitors to shop, enjoy entertainment, and play with one another.
  5. We support the performing arts by providing a weekly entertainment venue.
  6. We support our local businesses by attracting citizens and visitors to the downtown business core on a weekly basis.
  7. We actively support children and their overall well-being by incorporating kid-friendly activities during the market.
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Here are some of the vendors from last season.  We'll do our best to keep this page updated.  If you have questions, contact Market Manager Mallory Cox at 360/244-3921 or leave a message at cpfmmallory@gmail.com

Cranguyma Farms

3209 113th Lane
Long Beach, WA 98631

Roots - Juice, Java and Salad Bar

111 1st Ave N
Ilwaco, WA 98624


SimpliEdibles Baked Goods

For the Love of Nuts

Gaia Nursery

2 Wildflower Lane
Naselle, WA 98638

Linda Brand Crab & Seafood Co.

20 Cherry St. W.
Chinook, WA 98614

The Beautiful Pig

1010 20th Ave
Longview, WA 98632

Fosse Farms Inc.

Don Nisbett Art Gallery

167 Howerton Way SE
Ilwaco, WA 98624

Starvation Alley Farms

15202 Birch St
Long Beach, WA 98631

Oysterville Sea Farms

34300 1st St
Oysterville, WA 98641

Leather by the Bay

Cake Farm

8306 Sandridge Rd
Long Beach, WA 98631

Veggie Girls Produce/Glory B Farms

& Emma's Homemade Farm Dog Treats

434 Covered Bridge Road
Grays River, WA 98621
Veggie Girl’s Produce Company

Tide Creek Nursery

31455 Tide Creek Road
Rainier, OR  97048

Rainy Day Artistry


J&J Farms

Skamokowa Farmstead Creamery

1681 West State Route 4
Skamokawa, WA 98647

Tide Creek Nursery

2617 242nd Place
Ocean Park, WA 98640

Rain Bowl

Scott Heffernan

Wooden lamps and Banks

Bee Mentor

282 Knappton Rd
Naselle, WA


  • Blow Your Top - Horseradish
  • Corral Drive-In
  • Windy Ridge Organics
  • 3 B's NW BBQ
  • Libras Botanicals, LLC
  • O'Hana Concessions
  • Veronica Williams - Wild edibles
  • Johnny's Fine Woodworking
  • Olivers Gourmet
  • Sylvia's Pickled Asparagus
  • Shelburne Inn
  • Garlic Gourmay
  • Northwest Naturals
  • Plates by Design
  • Terry Hjorten Photography
  • Hammered Frets
  • Authentic African Arts
  • Art Affects by Deano
  • River Wave Foods
  • Pashmina 2 Go
  • More!
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Please join us!

  • Vendors: If you farm, fish, ranch, grow, make baked, processed, or on-site prepared  goods from regional ingredients, or you make farm crafts and would like to be a market Vendor, please fill out an application. Also, our handbook is meant to assist Vendors to understand the Market and to find some resources you may find handy. Vendors look at our map of the market lay-out, so you can select your site.  All of these can be found under "Documents," above. Call us at 360/244-3921 (Mallory, Market Manager) if you have any questions about the application, the handbook, or the Market and we can discuss it.
  • Volunteers: If you’d like to help set up or tear down the market, assist Vendors, take head counts, assess market success, assist entertainers, keep an eye on the games, guest a farmer for the night, help sell market merchandise, or otherwise help out, we are glad to have you. Please call us at 360/244-3921 or leave a message at cpfmmallory@gmail.com.
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Our Friends

The Columbia-Pacific Farmers’ Market is one of many markets in the Columbia-Pacific region. Some are food markets, others are art or craft markets, some do it all. These markets are fun, make the best of our region available to you, and are well worth a visit. We invite you to explore the following links to learn more about regional markets.

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