Comprehensive Plan Update

For more information please contact Ariel Smith at 360-642-4421 or To view the draft Comprehensive Plan click here. The Planning Commission has made a recommendation for approval to the City Council.The City is currently in the process of update the Comprehensive Plan as mandated by GMA. Our work schedule is listed here:

Task 1: Restructuring the Plan

This task will focus on organizing the comprehensive plan into two parts. Part I will segregate the 2008 vision statements, goals, and strategies into the mandatory and optional plan elements required under RCW 36.70A.070 and .080. Restructuring Part I will make it easier for Planning Commission members and the public to assess whether to retain, amend, or remove an individual vision statement, goal, or strategy. Also integrated into Part I will be the vision statements, goals, and policies from the Shoreline Master Program and the Park Plan.A separate Part II will contain the data and assumptions used for developing the rationale in Part I. Updating information and looking for new facts or figures are available for a topic, such as population, demographic, or economic data.The information in Part II will become an important tool for assessing the relevancy of the 2008 vision statements, goals, and strategies in subsequent milestones. Part II will be available to the Planning Commission at its January 2019 meeting.Proposed completion date of Task 1: March 12, 2019 

The first workshop with the Planning Commission will: Task 2: Workshop 1

  • Introduce the work plan for completing the comprehensive plan update;
  • Review and select public participation approaches for engaging the community in the update process; and
  • Examine community demographics and future population projections for Long Beach, then choose an appropriate 20-year population
A homework assignment will be distributed to the Planning Commission members to prepare them for the next workshop that will focus on homes and neighborhoods in the city.Proposed completion date of Task 2: March 12, 2019The homework assignment will be a focal point for workshop participants to evaluate the 2008 plan’s vision statements, goals, and strategies relating to homes and neighborhoods within the city. Discussion also will explore potential new approaches for improving housing affordability and choice in the city.

Task 3: Workshop 2

In preparation of Workshop 3, there will be a second homework assignment distributed to participants that will focus on commercial development within the city.Proposed completion date of Task 3: April 9, 2019

Task 4: Workshop 3

Evaluating vision statements, goals, and strategies relating to commercial development in the downtown and elsewhere in the city will be the focus of this meeting. Participants will also explore new approaches to encouraging greater economic development throughout the community.Proposed completion date of Task 4:May 14, 2019

Task 5: Workshop 4

Workshop 4 will focus on two topics simultaneously – circulation within the community (car, bicycle, and pedestrian) and distribution of future land uses. The workshop design will be a hands-on, visualization activity to update the transportation element and provide guidance on developing a future land use map. The activity may lead to new ideas about the classification and distribution of land uses in the city.Proposed completion date of Task 5: June 11, 2019

Task 6: Preparation of First Draft

The preparation of a first draft of the comprehensive plan update will incorporate the outcomes of the four workshops. The Planning Commission and city staff will receive the draft to review for accuracy, content, readability, and further refinement.Proposed completion date of Task 6: July 19, 2019

Task 7: Workshop 5

This workshop will discuss the first draft of the comprehensive plan update and reach agreement on any changes proposed by Planning Commission members and the city staff.Proposed completion date of Task 7: August 13, 2019

Task 8: Preparation of Second Draft

After Workshop 5, changes will be made to the draft document as agreed upon by the participants. This document will now be ready for public comment in accordance the public participation approach.Proposed completion date of Task 8: August 30, 2019

Task 9: Public Hearing on Comprehensive Plan update

At this milestone, the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the update. Once the Planning Commission completes the public comment portion of the meeting, they will assess if further changes to the update are necessary before preparing and forwarding a recommendation to the City Council.Proposed completion date of Task 9: September 10, 2019

Task 10: Workshop 6 Incorporate Public Comment

Planning Commission wishes to have another workshop to discuss the public comment that was received on September 10th.Proposed completion date of Task 10: October 8, 2019 from 4-6pm.

Task 11: Environmental and State Agency Review

Environmental review and the 60-day Notice of Intent to Adopt process. Proposed completion date of Task 11:  October or November 2019

Task 12: Local Adoption

Resolving comments received through SEPA threshold decision and the 60- day state review, if necessary.Proposed completion date of Task 12: December 2019 or January 2020  

Hydrant Flushing

The City of Long Beach water department will be conducting semi-annual flushing and flow testing in the Seaview/Long Beach area from October 21 through November 8. This action may cause low pressure and discolored water in your area. There are no health risks associated with this action. If you have any questions, please call the water treatment plant at (360) 642-3163.

2020 Budget Calendar

Please follow the link to view the budget calendar for 2020. All meetings will take place at Long Beach City Hall - 115 Bolstad Ave West.If the workshop precedes a regular Council meeting than it will begin at 6pm, if not, it will begin at 4pm. 

Regional Biosolids Treatment Plant Update

The City of Long Beach has begun construction of the Regional Biosolids Facility project at the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility.  The project is funded by the Department of Ecology and the EPA through the State Revolving Fund Loan Program and the Centennial Clean Water Fund Grant Program.