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  • 04/13/2011 – Coast Community Radio Interview
    Talk of Our Towns/Donna Quinn. Guests: Gayle Borchard, City of Long Beach Community Development Director and Jane Holeman, Director of the new Columbia Pacific Farmer’s Market. About the new market, its mission, and how to get involved.

What’s it all about?

The Columbia-Pacific region is located where the mighty Columbia River crashes into the Pacific Ocean. It is a region of spectacular wholesome foods, plucked straight from the land or the water and ready for the consumer. The Columbia-Pacific Farmers’ Market is an idea that has bubbled up in the community to have a place where the good food and farm crafts of the region can be bought directly from those who farm, ranch, fish, grow, produce packaged foods, or create farm-based crafts here.

It is a market dedicated to supporting our working food producers, honoring their way of life, celebrating our unparalleled food, and getting together as a community to have fun.

The market operates in downtown Long Beach June through October on Friday afternoons / early evenings, 4 pm to 7 pm. At the market, you talk with food purveyors while you purchase your week’s produce, seafood, meat, eggs and dairy, locally-made baked goods, regionally-made packaged foods, flowers and plants, and on-site prepared foods. You can sit and listen to music or other entertainment, beat your friend at checkers, chat and dance with your neighbor, watch someone cook, or learn about a community non-profit organization. Later that evening, you could take in a Feast at one of several local restaurants, where you will eat foods from the market and learn what it is like to farm, fish, or ranch from those who do so. And you can always shop in downtown Long Beach. There isn’t a better way to start your weekend at the beach.

A few words about the very few things you can’t do at the Columbia-Pacific Farmers’ Market: You can’t buy non-farm crafts, art, or other non-food or non-plant items. Those items can be bought at Ilwaco’s lively waterfront Saturday Market, the next day – don’t miss other area markets!

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