Meet the Community Development Department

Director: Gayle Borchard, 360-642-4421,

Building Inspector: Matt Bonney, 360-642-4421,


Long Beach Planning Commission

Commissioners: Wellington Marsh (Chair), Curtis Epping, Lesley Ferguson, Kathleen Graham, William Stidham, and Thomas Werner.

The Commission meets every second Tuesday of the month, 7 pm at City Hall. City Hall is ADA compliant. Applications must be submitted by the last business day of the month to be scheduled for the next Commission meeting. Planning Commission Schedule


Change for Good  (click picture to open gallery)

Change for Good is a program of the Mayor’s implemented by the Community Development Department, whereby  recognition is given to an idea, a person, or a thing that changes the lives of people in Long Beach for the better. If you would like to make a nomination for a Change for Good recognition, please send Gayle an e-mail at her address, shown above.

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Long Beach 2012 Land Use Amendments

The City is finalizing its 2012 amendments to its Building, Unified Development, Zoning , and Critical Areas codes. The Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on March 12, 2013  and the City Council will conduct another public hearing on March 18th. If you have questions about this annual process, please contact us:

Gayle Borchard, Community Development Director
City of Long Beach
115 Bolstad West; PO Box 310
Long Beach, Washington 98631


Fact Sheets About Planning Topics

The following fact sheets address a number of issues about which we frequently receive questions.


Comprehensive Plan

 Zoning Map


Design Review

Design Review is a no-fee process that applies to all signs; it also applies to development projects and major exterior remodels in certain locations.  If you have design review questions, please contact Gayle at the phone number or e-mail address shown above.


Project Applications

If you are seeking approval of a development project, a plat or a  boundary line adjustment, a variance, or a conditional or special use permit,complete  the following Development Approval Application. Depending on site or nearby conditions, you may also need to complete an environmental checklist and/or a critical areas checklist.  A fee or fees will apply, depending on your project or permit type.


Building Details and Other Information

The links below address common building and structural design issues.


Development Guidelines For Public Works Standards

These are the standards that public infrastructure must meet: streets, sewers, drainage, etc.

Below are details and diagrams for development and public works projects.